The following terms and conditions regulate the contracts of sale between «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» and its clients. We encourage you to carefully read these terms and conditions of use before navigating and using services on this website. By browsing and/or using the services on the website you fully accept these Terms and Conditions of Use.



The website is created by «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» and it is the online store for exhibition and trading of its products. «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS»'s registered address is str. Athinon 12 and Plataion, Piraeus, in Greece.

The names, images, logo's and distinguishing features representing «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» or/and its online store or/and affilitated third parties including their products or services, are trademarks and distinguishing features of «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» or/and of or/and of the above third parties and are protected by community and international legislation relating to trade marks, industrial and intellectual rights and unfair competition.

Their presentation and exhibition in the website, in any event should not be viewed as transfer or licensing of the right to use them. «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» maintains its exclusive rights of intellectual property in the design including all the contents of the website in regulation to the law 2121/1993 "On Intellectual Property", as amended and currently in force and the international conventions which Greece has signed. Any infringements of these rights of the company in any way incurs the responsibilities and penalties provided by law.


RESPONSIBILITY website can contain hypelinks to other websites, controlled by third parties. «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» is not in any way responsible for their content. In addition, the presence of a link to a non-«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» website or application does not imply approval or acceptance of responsibility by «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» regarding their content or their use. It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure that whatever material you select to use is free of harmful elements such as viruses, worms, "Trojan or Trojan horse" and so on.

«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» will in no event be held responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising from the use of this application or other websites or applications that are accessed through a hyperlink, including, without limitation, damages such as loss of profits or turnover, interruption of business or professional activity, loss of programs or other kinds of data stored on your computer system or otherwise, even if «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» was expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.



A description of the main characteristics of products can be found on the product pages of the website as well as prices, including VAT. Prices and offers may vary and may only be available for limited periods. All prices and offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended at the discretion of «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS».

«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» is bound for the completeness and the validity of the informations presented in the website, both in the existence of the essential characteristics in the descriptions for every product provided and in the accuracy of the information regarding the services, provided by the website, without prejudice to any technical or typing errors, that have escaped our attention or have derived without our intention or in case of outages as a result of force majeure.



The registration and the use of services on, is allowed only to adults, over 18 years old.



1. Select the goods you require from the Website and click “Add to cart”.

2. Click “Continue shopping” to add more products or “Show cart” if you want to see your cart and complete your order.

3. In your “Shopping Cart” page review the selected products and quantities. You can see the price with and without the tax, the tax amount, any additional costs like shipping and the total of your order. Then you can choose payment and delivery options.

Read the terms of use and check the box if you accept them and click “Check out now”.

4. If you are a new user you will need to enter an email address and create a user name and password. You must keep your username and password confidential as they allow access to your account. To continue setting up an account you will need to enter your personal details, billing address (which must correspond with your payment card address) and delivery address.

5. When you fill the required fields, click “Register and check out” and you will be transfered back to your shopping cart. Review your details and click “Confirm purchase” to place the order. If you choose to pay by debit or credit card you will be transfered automatically to the safe payment getaway of the bank we collaborate. You may enter your card details there. We do not collect or store your card details for security reasons.

6. When order is placed you will see a success message from the website. You can write the order number and see again your order details and print it if you want or at any time by visiting your order history of your account. You will also receive within minutes a confirmation email from us at the address you provided with a copy of your order. Check your inbox and spam folder because sometimes we have been informed that mistakenly emails are perceived as spam.

7. When an order is placed our sales department checks the availability of the products you ordered and when your order is ready for shipment, we will contact you using the information you have given us to let you get to pick up or delivery time depending on the receiving method selected.



«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» recognizes the importance of security issues regarding your personal data and your electronic transactions and takes all appropriate technical and organisational measures, to ensure maximum possible security. All the informations, related to your personal data and your transactions, are safe and secret.

To protect your personal data we use encryption to applicable industry standards. Therefore in every webpage that you submit personal data or passwords they are encrypted before leaving your computer and are decrypted when they reach our server and vice versa so nobody in the middle can read them.

Your credit card transactions shall be performed on the secure electronic payments platform "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL) encryption protocol and shall be subject to the bank's service security level. Furthermore, no details of your card are stored on servers.

We suggest, for better security, to change your passwords regularly and avoid to use the same and easy to guess passwords (e.x. date of birth). We also encourage you to use not only letters or number but also symbols when you create your password.



During your visit to, «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» may gather certain personal information that is necessary to set up your account, for the purposes of billing, delivery of your goods and queries.

Receiver of the personal data is «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS», and the data are transferred and stored to servers of companies we collaborate with, and who are bound by a signed commitment for the security and no further transmission.

The users of have the right at any time, to correct the data they have declared, to update it, modify or to demand no further processing or deletion of their data, by communicating with the customer service through the link "Contact Us" in
The personal data you declare in any webpage of the website, are exclusively used to service your transactions with us, the improvement of the services provided and to ensure the operation of the corresponding services and is not allowed to be used by any third party according to the law 2472/97. Exceptionally personal data are transmitted and communicated in courts and public authorities, where imposed by law or judicial decision.

The credentials that identify you, are two: your Username and your personal secret Password , that anytime you can use them to access your personal data. The only one who has access at your personal details is you by using those credentials and you are resposible to keep them secret from any third persons. In case of loss or leak to third persons you have to notify us immediately, otherwise the online store of «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» is not responsible of use of your credentials by unauthorized persons.

If you have any enquiry or proposal or statement regarding this issue please contact us through the communication form at



    You may pay for your purchases by three ways:
  • Bank deposit in the account*
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 125002002014133
    ΙΒΑΝ: GR41 0140 1250 1250 0200 2014 133
  • Cash-on-delivery, with an extra charge of 4 euros.
  • Debit, credit** and prepaid cards, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners and American Express, with no extra charge.

*In case of payment by bank deposit, the processing of the orders starts after the verification of the payment.

Please note that When transferring money to our bank account Alpha Bank through wire transfer from another bank any transaction expenses should be paid exclusively from the customer. Otherwise the order will not be processed until the total value of the order is paid.

The online store of «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» accepts all credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners and American Express. For purchases with your credit card follow the instructions in our online store. You will be asked to fill in the number and expiration date as well as the 3 digit number (CVV) on the back of your credit card.

Please note that there are no transaction expenses with this payment method even if your card is issued from a different bank. Your credit card transactions shall be performed on the secure electronic payments platform "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL) encryption protocol and shall be subject to the bank's service security level. Furthermore, no details of your card are stored on servers.

If you choose to pay by credit card you must be present at the receipt of your order with your credit card and your identity. In this case (ie. Payment by credit card) the receipt of the order is not allowed by any third person who demonstrates the credit card and wishes to pay for you. If the order is carried out for a company then the credit card used has to be corporate. That means that has to be issued on grounds of the respective company. Upon receipt of the order the owner of the corporate credit card should be present, with the card and identity.



«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» undertakes deliveries of products throughout Greece.

Self pick-up

If during the submission of the order the client has chosen to collect the goods from our store at Athinon 12, Piraeus, we will notify him by phone as long as his order is ready to collect. Order takeovers are always taking place during opening hours.

Courrier Delivery

Goods are delivered in the address indicated by the customer during the submission of the order. Any specific requirements should be provided by the consumer to «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS». The shipping cost is calculated on the basis of the total volumetric weight of the goods. The calculation of the shipping cost is described in detail below.

Transport agency

In cases that the weight is more than 18 kilos orders can be shipped in cooperation with a transport agency, or any alternative method the client prefers. In such cases the client will be informed about the shipping costs by the sales department before the start of your order shipment.

Delivery time and availability

Delivery of the good is guaranteed within 5 working days from the day after the consumer has made a payment transaction online.

For cities outside Athens and Thessaloniki, the delivery time may be longer than 5 working days. In any case you will be informed by the sales department before the start of your order shipment.

If the item purchased is not available, the sales department will inform the consumer via the contact details provided by the consumer.

In case of temporary unavailability of the good, «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» will communicate the situation to the consumer who may choose whether to wait until the product is available or to cancel the order and get a refund of the price paid.

In the event that the good is no longer available, «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» will communicate the fact to the consumer who can choose whether to order another item or to cancel the order and get a refund of the price paid.

Shipping Cost

Orders are shipped to the address indicated by the client during the submission of the order, via Red Courrier and there is an additional charge depending of the volumetric weight of the products. The client is being always informed for the exact shipping cost in the "My Cart" page after entering his address in his account details before the completion of the order. Our system calculates automatically the shipping costs and presents to the client the available shipping methods and their cost.

The shipping costs by region are:

Inside Attica region

Inside Attica we ship free of charge all orders above 50 euros in the municipalities of Athens, Galatsi, Glyfada, Nea Smyrni, Ag. Dimitrios, Alimos, Palaio Faliro, Kallithea, Moschato, Tavros, Piraeus, Korydallos, Nikaia, Agios Ioannis Renti, Keratsini and Drapetsona.

For the rest of municipalities inside Attica region the shipping cost is 6 euros for orders up to 2 kilos and for orders above 2 kilos the cost is 2 euro more per kilo (Kg).
ex. 2 kilos= 6 euros, 3 kilos=8 euros, 4 kilos=10 euros and so on.

For the rest of Greece

For the rest of Greece outside Attica shipping cost is 8 euros for orders up to 2 kilos and for orders above 2 kilos the cost is 2 euro more per kilo (Kg).
ex. 2 kilos= 8 euros, 3 kilos=10 euros, 4 kilos=12 euros and so on.

For heavy orders that shipping via courrier is too expensive, please contact us to try to arrange shipping with a transport agency or any other preferable option.

The prices mentioned above may not apply to geographical locations classified as "difficult to reach". In such cases clients will be notified by phone for the exact shipping cost before the shipping of their order.



The products delivered are in compliance with the characteristics shown in the related descriptive or technical specifications sections, according to the product purchased by the consumer.

«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» is liable to the consumer for any inherent flaws/defects existing at delivery of the good.

In any event in which the goods delivered have inherent flaws/defects, the consumer has the right to have the compliance of the goods restored or the replacement thereof or, if this is not possible, refund of the price paid.

Without prejudice to the enforceability of the remaining provisions contained in Directive 1999/44/EC, the aforementioned right incurred by the consumer provided that the delivered good is used correctly, in compliance with its use and as provided in the instructions accompanying the product purchased by the consumer. In particular, the above warranty does not apply to goods that have inherent flaws/defects that the consumer was aware at the time of conclusion of the contract or that could not have been reasonably ignored.



The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal. In particular, the consumer is entitled to withdraw from any contract with «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» without any penalty and without specifying the reason within the term of 14 working days from the receipt of the goods. (Law 2251/1994, article 4 par. 10 and 11, On Consumer Protection). The costs of returning the goods to «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» are borne by the consumer.

The right of withdrawal is the responsibility of the consumer in relation to any good purchased by him/her on this website, except for personalised or bespoke items, any items which deteriorate or expire rapidly, magazines, any items that are sealed for health protection or hygiene reasons if you have unsealed them.


Methods to exercise the right of withdrawal

    The right of withdrawal is performed:
  1. By forwarding a registered letter, including the Returns Form completed, at the address:
    «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS», Athinon 12 and Plataion, P.C. 18540, Piraeus.
    You can download the Returns Form here Returns Form
  2. By sending us email with the Returns Form attached at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The goods must be returned to «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» complete with all accessories and everything that was originally delivered to the consumer, as well as packed in its original wrapping. The goods must be returned within 14 working days from the day the consumer decided to withdraw from the contract.

If the right of withdrawal is exercised by the consumer pursuant to the provisions of this clause, «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» is obliged to reimburse the amounts paid by the consumer within 14 days from the date «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» received the communication sent by the consumer about his decision to withdraw from the contract. «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» will refund the amounts paid by the consumer by bank deposit or by refund to the consumer's credit card if that method of payment was used.

«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» has the right to reject any products returned using any other methods other than those specified above, as well as products for which the consumer has not fully paid the cost of return, or has not complied with the manner and the time detailed as per notification to exercise the right of withdrawal.



    «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of any of its obligations to you that is caused by events outside «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS»'s reasonable control (a 'Force Majeure Event'). A Force Majeure Event includes any act, event, non-happening, omission or accident beyond «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS»'s reasonable control and includes (without limitation) the following:
  1. Strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action.
  2. Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war.
  3. Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster.
  4. Impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport.
  5. Impossibility of the use of public or private telecommunications networks.
  6. In the event of a Force Majeure Event «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS»'s performance is deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues. «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» will use its reasonable endeavours to bring the Force Majeure Event to a close or to find a solution by which its obligations to you may be performed despite the Force Majeure Event.



«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» takes all feedback very seriously and aims to deal with complaints as quickly and effectively as possible.

For complaints relating to orders placed through the Website please call 210 4220329 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To assist «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» in dealing with your complaint, please detail all aspects of the complaint, your order number and your contact details.



The users understand and agree that preserves the exclusive right to interrupt the use of the passwords to its services or/and interrupt supplying of its content to users considering that have violated the letter and spirit of these terms.



«IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» preserves the right to modify unilaterally or update these terms and conitions of use. «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» undertakes to inform the users of any modifications as well as of any change, through this website. It's clear that any changes on the terms does not affect orders that are placed prior of the terms changes.



The above terms and conditions of use of and any change or modification, are interpreted according to the principles of good faith and commercial usage and regulated and supplemented by by the Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant international treaties. If any provision of the above terms contradicts the law, will automatically cease to have effect and will be removed from these terms, without in any case, affecting the validity of the rest of the terms.
This is the global agreement between «IOANNIS NIK. MAVROUDIS – PYRELLAS» and the visitors/users of its website and its services. No changes of these terms will be considered and be part of this agreement, if not expressed in writing and have not been incorporated into this agreement.