Fireman costume, SOLAS certified

Πυρίμαχη στολή πυροσβέστη πιστοποιημένη κατά SOLAS
Πυρίμαχη στολή πυροσβέστη πιστοποιημένη κατά SOLAS
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Product SKU:  PYR-339

Fireman gear manufactured from glass fiber aluminized textile, suitable for reflecting incoming heat.
Min Height 1,65 m – Max Height 1,90 m.
Packed in Gripsack.
Includes: boots, pants, jacket, helmet, boot cover and gloves.
SOLAS certified.

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Technical Characteristics
Anti-radiation & Thermal-permissionUnder the heat radiation with 10KW/m2 the increase of temperature on inner-surface is not over than 250C after irradiate 30 seconds.
Anti-permeabilityhydraulic pressure (static) ≥ 4000Pa
MaterialFlame-retarded fabric coated with aluminum foil
Strength for ripping≥ 32N
Strength for breaking≥ 450N
Strength for peeling ≥ 9N/30min
Loss of inflammation propertyindex of Oxygen ≥ 30
Heat isolationduration for direct voltage from the palm part of gloves is more than 5000V
Visual scope≥ 1200
Height of wearer1.60 - 1.85m
Weight14 Kg
Componentsboots, pants, jacket, helmet, boot cover, gloves, hood.

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