Vessel for water based ABF 1lt

Δοχείο βάσεως νερού ABF 1lt
Product SKU:  PYR-354

One seam vessel for water-based fire extinguisher 1Lt, with internal plastic layer for maximum anti-oxidation protection.
Cylinder neck thread 30 x 1.5 mm.
Suitable for foam, water, wet chemical and water mist.
Certified according to EN3 by EBETAM.

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Technical Characteristics
Testing pressure27 bar
Max allowable pressure18 bar
Cylinder materialSt12
Cylinder height270 ± 2 mm
Cylinder diameter85 ± 1 mm
Cylinder neck thread30 x 1.5 mm
Cylinder thickness1,14mm
Paint finishRAL 3000
Dimensions270 x 85 mm

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